LFD’s Bible Story Books to be Translated to Spanish

December 11, 2017  |  Lastest News

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf (LFD)—the founding member of the Mill Neck Family of organizations, dedicated to bringing the Word of God to the Deaf community through Sign Language translation—wants to make it possible for Deaf children and adults to have access to God’s Word.

Holding true to this mission, LFD has created Bible Story Books—a unique series of 12 written and ASL translated Bible stories for children—that bring the Gospel into the lives of the Deaf community by combining American Sign Language, expressive artwork, the written word and video. This amazing collection of works allows children who are Deaf and hard of hearing to not only learn the Word of God, but to spread the divine message.
Over the past several years it has become apparent to Lutheran Friends of the Deaf that there is an absence of materials available in American Sign Language (ASL) with spoken and written Spanish. Research shows that in the United States, 25 percent of Deaf individuals come from Spanish speaking families and, in some regions like the western United States, that number goes up to 50 percent. With over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide and 41 million native Spanish speakers living in the United States, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language, with American Sign Language coming in third.

Spanish resources are the most requested items from LFD, especially when traveling to countries like the Dominican Republic. Deaf children and adults in that area would be able to utilize Spanish and ASL Bible stories in the publicly funded schools for Deaf children and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into places where He is not currently being proclaimed.

LFD is seeking to translate their resources, such as the Bible Stories, in ASL into written and spoken Spanish. LFD would like to thank The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s Office of Hispanic Ministry, who allowed Deaconess Luz Guerrera to begin translating their Bible story book “Noah and the Big Flood.”

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